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Azeti 650m klein


Monitoring with SONARPLEX


The azeti premium appliances offer many advantages compared with pure software solutions. By combining tailor made appliance hardware and the SONARPLEX technology software a high degree of performance an maximum stability is ensured. In contrast to software monitoring solutions the azeti SONARPLEX appliance decouples the monitoring solution completely from the (server) hardware that is monitored. Because of this a system failure of the server does not have any impact on the SONARPLEX monitoring capabilities. To meet all customer demands the azeti SONARPLEX product range compriseentry-level appliances for SMBs as well as high-end solutions for the enterprise environment. The comprehensive monitoring of IT infrastructure components like networks, servers, switches and desktops as well as applications still is one of the core competences of any monitoring solution. This is where a solution can demonstrate its effectiveness, capacity and reliability. In this area the azeti SONARPLEX solution sets itself apart from the competition not only by its performance but also by its ease of operation and cost effectiveness.

azeti SONARPLEX offers a cost-efficient and secure solution for monitoring of decentralized IT-Systems. The azeti FieldBus Technology is able to pack also non IP-based technical systems. Thus the azeti SONARPLEX can be extended to a universal monitoring system.




Nowadays more than 99% of all incoming connections to mail servers are initiated by ‘spam bots’. Without an intelligent, highly effi cient and cost effective spam protection mechanism in place a professional use of electronic mail is therefore not feasible. azeti MAILPROTECT solves the spam problem once and for all. It helps protect the mail server from viruses and spam by using the unique azeti BLOCKTECHNOLOGY. Because of this the azeti MAILPROTECT is not another spam fi lter but a highly effi cient e-mail fi rewall. This way it is possible to decrease the workload for the mail servers and enable economic e-mail management within the company.

The most-used spam filter technologies worldwide have only seemingly solved the problem. As soon as spam messages are registered as being received, the law requires that they be archived for auditing purposes. The azeti BLOCKTECHNOLOGY is based on a fundamentally different mode of operation.Contrary to the classic, mass-marketed spam filter solutions, the azeti technology acts as an e-mail firewall and can identify whether or not a message came from a legitimate sender or a ‘spam bot’; all of this takes place while the connection is being established, without needing to know the actual content of the message.The azeti MAILPROTECT Appliance, upstream of the e-mail server, completely frees the mail server, inboxes and archives from unwanted junk mail. Employees will no longer have to be burdened by spam folders or the process of deleting spam and can make better use of their valuable work time.




The azeti WEBPROTECT combines Web Access Management and Surf Protection in one appliance:
Web Access Management: azeti WEBPROTECT gives the answers to 3 fundamental questions:


WHO is allowed to enter the world wide web?
WHICH categories of the world wide web are allowed to access?
WHEN is someone allowed to surf the world wide web?


Furthermore azeti WEBPROTECT is an effective Internet access protection that transparently protects all connected workstations and users against viruses, trojans and other threats coming from the world wide web. If such threats are detected in the data stream, the azeti WEBPROTECT will immediately block the download.

azeti produces and maintains an extensive URL database, with language analysis expanding the scope exponentially.From single workstations up to complete user-groups:


The central administration front-end of the azeti WEBPROTECT allows an implementation of individual corporate policies, defining which areas of the WWW shall no longer be available. The front-end is easy to use and provides a simplified configuration.


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