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SCIP Appliance with SSL Content Proxy

Technologies like cloud computing and eCommerce lead to fast distribution of the SSL encryption, because confidential data have to be protected. But the SSL encryption offers a chance for criminals to circumvent enterprise security policies , as an uncontrolled tunnel between the client desktop and the SSL server. Employees or even external people with access to the enterprise network could use SSL to built-up their own "Black VPN". With this kind of VPN they can receive or send data from any system, worldwide.


The Microdasys SCIP appliance with SSL Content Proxy protects your enterprise from hostile or compromised internet SSL hosts. It also prevents company insiders from bypassing your enterprise's security policies through SSL and decrypts the data stream for inspection by Anti Virus, Data Loss Prevention and other content security scanners.

Further features of SCIP:

  • Inspection of all server certificates at the gateway
  • Blocking the access for SSL encrypted webserver with expired or self-signed certificates
  • Restriction of the ruling management for the user
  • Encrypts the SSL internt connection for investigation through Content Security Scanner (Anti-Virus, etc.)
  • Incident management, whitelisting and exception handling
  • Better ROI of your established server infrastructure
  • Intuitive WEB-UI (operating system DOMOS from SECUDOS)
  • SDR (Secure Diaster Recovery via stick)

More Information about Microdasys Inc.(english only): www.microdasys.com



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