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Many processes of today are handled in digital form. In the past this processes were only legally valid in paper form. Among these processes are same which had to be handled with a certain level of security and discretion, like sending invoices with mail or the achieving of data/files.  


Qiata starts into the 4th Dimension

With Qiata4s your enterprise can send files with encrypted signature. The combination of Qiata4s and a File Transfer Appliance (FTA) enables every signed  transfer auditable, secure and easy to find. This unique combination provides a complete "carefree" package for the transfer of your signed files. Qiata4s can provide any kind of data/files with a Qualified Electronic Signature. The transfer of signed files is as easy as writing an E-Mail.


What is Qiata4s?

Qiata4s is a secure signature device which can be used in combination with an FTA to transfer your signed files. According to all necessary legal basics, like Signature Law (SigG) and Signature Ordinance, Qiata4s can provide any kind of data/file with a Qualified Electronic Signature.

Only the Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) has the same value as a handwritten signature of a physical person, which ensures its validity. From technically point of view the QES fulfill the same purpose as a handwritten signature in hard copy.




Which opportunities offers the Qiata4s?

The transfer of signed files with Qiata4s is easily done by a userfriendly Web-GUI. All Qiata FTA features are integrated in Qiata4s. Not only signed files can be transferred, you will also be sure to receive E-Mail notifications, reminders and notifications of receipt that your files have been arrived. All transfers will be sent encrypted. A password can be set optionally for more security of your files. Files of your enterprise are not transferred to Third Parties, but will remain on your Qiata FTA. Additonally all transfers of Qiata4s are recorded on the Qiata FTA in an AuditLog and thus can be viewed at anytime. Even pause, transfer stopps or restricted transfers can be audited (number of downloads, file format, etc.).


The alliance of Qiata4s and Qiata FTA fulfills all requirements for an encrypted signed file transfer. Qiata4s makes this product a unique one which fits all.


No problem for the Qiata4s :

  • Legal valid signature for every data format
  • Qualified Electronic Signature
  • File Transfer with encrypted signature
  • Time and Cost savings
  • Full Audit Log of all transfers
  • Confirmation- and reminder features
  • Highest security level
  • Fulfills current Compliance Guidelines
  • Userfriendly Web-GUI
  • Automatic AV-scanning
  • Application programming interface (API)

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