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scope7 SFA-800 Enterprise Firewall Appliance



The focus of e-business is the availability of the Internet with web-applications, E-Mail services and VPN-Connections, 24 hours 7 days a week. One priority for a stable network is to reduce downtimes to a minimum. (Connectivity).


To meet these requirements SECUDOS has developped scope7. scope7 is not just another Linux firewall with IP tables. scope7 is a Transparent Layer 2 Firewall with Secure Packet Check (SPC) on layer 3 and a protocol filter on layer 7. scope7 is not based on Linux, but on FreeBSD, which provides the better network-, routing- and security performance.


It offers a wide range of functions which can be configured via a Web-GUI. All configuration settings will be secured in an XML-file.



scope7 xs1



scope7 is not available as a software, in fact scope7 is a scalable family of appliances starting with the energy efficient xS1 with three Ethernet ports up to the modular expandable High End platforms with Gigabit ports and Fibre Technology . The scope7 appliances are especially designed for their specific purpose. The internal bus-systems are designed for a high data throughput and VPN performance. Crypto accelerators at the CPU level, or as independent hardware option, allow an impressive throughput. LCD displays and/or LEDs provide the user with current system informations. The appliances will be delivered  ex works with completely pre-installed and partly pre-configured software.



sdr logo


scope7 appliances include the SDR technology. SDR is the recovery technology from SECUDOS. The SDR-Stick provides a simple way to recover the entirely configured appliance. Re-installing or multiple installation as well as up- and downgrades of the software are possible by using just one SDR-Stick. The SDR function is included in nearly each scope7 appliance and with the SDR-Remote function you will be able to start an SDR from anywhere in the world. SDR and SDR-Remote are available for all scope7 appliances except scope7 xS1.


Key features of scope7 :


  • Web-GUI
  • Central Management
  • IPv6 Support
  • Multi-WAN bindings
  • Load Balancing, Fail-Over features
  • UMTS option
  • VPN: IPsec, OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP
  • Traffic Shaper
  • DOS/DDOS protection
  • SVG-based Traffic overview
  • SNMP Agent
  • Routing, DNS, dynamic DNS
  • Layer 2 transparent Firewall
  • Layer 3 Stateful Packet Check
  • Layer 7 Protocol-Filter
  • SDR / SDR-Remote


More informations about the scope7 Enterprise Firewall Appliances at www.scope7.de ( German only )



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