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With about 35.000 units worldwide SECUDOS is one of the leading vendors in IT-Security and Compliance. SECUDOS offers the latest Hardware Technologies together with leading Software Solutions as “Plug-and-Play” appliances. The products of SECUDOS support the users to realize a manageable and efficient IT-Infrastructure.  

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SECUDOS offers a suitable solution to a variety of Security problems and Compliance issues. To provide support for every business, from small businesses (SMBs) to large enterprises with branch offices, the SECUDOS appliances are scalable. To offer a wide spectrum of products and solutions in IT-Security and Compliance, SECUDOS delivers self-made solutions and a variety of solutions in co-oporation with well established software developers. The following brands are represented :


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The brands of SECUDOS in brief:


  • ARP-GUARD: Network Access Control, Layer 2 IPS, Network Management, Endpoint Security;
  • Azeti: Monitoring, E-Mail Security, Web Security;
  • Inlab: Load Balancer, Round Robin, Server Weighting, Least Connections, Random;
  • mils ELECTRONIC: MilsGates, Cryptographic Encryption, "One Time Key" Technology;
  • Qiata: Secure File Transfer, Smart Delivery, DLP, Newsletter-Transfer;
  • scope7: Firewall, VPN, IPv6, Transparent Layer 2 Firewall, Secure Packet Check (SPC) on Layer 3; Protocol-Filter on Layer 7;
  • Tine 2.0: Web-based groupware solution, Various interfaces, Synchronization with mobile devices, Access management, Easy integration




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