The beginnings

SDR (Secure Disaster Recovery), SECUDOS 'unique USB stick recovery technology, reduces the number of appliance returns by half due to an apparent defect, enables software upgrades and downgrades, automatically generates a hardware test log file and detects SECUDOS hardware automatically.

An SDR allows the Qiata FTA to be reset to factory settings.

The configuration and the file transfer service is available by any browser from the user computer. This can be accomplished either locally or remotely as long as there is access to the network. To administer the system, it is not necessary to learn a mysterious programming language.

The basic functionality of the FTA requires the following ports:

  • Qiata FTA WebUI: Port 443 TCP -> external

For the administration of the FTA the following is needed:

  • DOMOS WebUI: Port 10000 TCP -> internal

Optional Ports:

  • SSH: Port 22 TCP -> internal
  • Smart Delivery: 9000 UDP -> internal/external
  • MailClient Integration: 25 TCP -> internal


The FTA license is the .xml file which is responsible for the applicability of the software. In addition to this, the expiration dates and features of the software are controlled here - if this license expires, the message "This installation is not yet licensed" appears on the interface. The license must be imported in the ftadmin area (black interface) and can be reached via the user "ftadmin".


The DOMOS license is the .lic file. This license is used to receive updates from our repository. If this license has expired or is not intended for the device, it is not possible to receive updates. Thus, the software always remains on the same level. This license should be installed in the DOMOS interface and can be reached at the address https://FQDN:10000.

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