Removing Java in version 3.x

In version 3.0 a new login concept (OpenID Connect) is released, which is no longer compatible with the current Java integration. Many added values that the Java integration used to bring, are now either done by the browser itself, or can be taken over by our Secure Desktop Client (SDC). In addition, the deactivation of the npapi interface within the browsers has deprived many users of the possibility to use the Java integration.
This is mainly about the upload and download of files and/or folders. Affected are for example: The new tab (upload of files and folders), the download page and the upload page. Furthermore, Java will no longer be available in TEAMTransfer (e.g. to download folders).
Basically nothing at first. The activation of the feature within Qiata is omitted for administrators. Java maintenance on the clients is no longer necessary (for Qiata).
The user no longer has the possibility to upload or download files/folders via the integrated Java functionality, or via the Java Manager.
Many current browsers have relaxed the "old" upload limit of 2GB. So it is often possible to upload large files directly via the standard upload. More detailed information about the upload limits of the browser, you can usually get from the manufacturer of the browser directly.
Sending folders, multiple files and much more is easy and secure with our Secure Desktop Client (SDC). The SDC is available for Windows and macOS and can be found free of charge for customers in the download area.
Additional settings are not necessary on the part of the administrator. As of version 3.0, all functions are removed from the WebUI and are no longer available to both the administrator and the user.

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