Important Information for Qiata 3.0

When updating to Qiata version 3.0, templates must be reset to guarantee technical operation. The following files and templates are affected:


  • Upload Page (upload_plain.html)
  • Reset Password Page (reset_password.html)
  • Pincode-Seite (pincode.html)
  • Newsletter Download Page (download_newsletter.html)
  • Login Page (login.html)
  • UI-Header(header.html)
  • Forgot Password Page (forgot_password.html)
  • UI-Footer (footer.html)
  • Errorpage (error_page.html)
  • Transfer Download Page (download_plain.html)
  • Automatic Sign-Up Page (auto_signup.html)

CSS Files

  • Main Styling (style.css)
  • Login Styling (login.css)

Starting with the Qiata 3.0 release, we will gradually disable support for the current login method in the XML API. For upcoming applications that use the XML API, only the new standard (OAuth 2 with Open ID Connect 1) should be used. If you have any questions regarding the changes, please feel free to contact us directly at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

With version 3.0, accessibility from the internal system to the external FQDN is inevitably required. The Qiata must be able to access the OpenID service via its own FQDN (e.g. If necessary, please adjust the host entries in DOMOS, or guarantee accessibility via the firewall.

Here is an example: Your system is running internally with the IP address:, the External IP is:, the FQDN is: The system must now be able to resolve the FQDN from Internal. You can test this, for example, by starting a ping (Network -> Ping) to on the console or in DOMOS. If the FQDN is not resolvable, please create a new host entry in DOMOS.

  • To do this, first log in to the DOMOS WebUI
  • Navigate to the "Network" -> "Hosts" item
  • Click on "Add a new host address"
  • Then enter the IP address and the FQDN
  • In our example, we enter here: as the IP address and as the FQDN.
  • Then click on "Activate Settings" to apply the configuration

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