Integration of ECAS

Integrate ECAS using Mac OS X

1. Copy your WebDAV path. Log in to your ECAS and click on the ECAS logo in the upper left corner. In the middle you will now see the complete webDAV path. Mark it completely and copy it with cmd + c.

Add drive

2. Open your finder

Open the finder

3. Simultaneously press apple / cmd key + K

Add drive

4. Enter the WebDAV path of your ECAS drive

Add drive

5. Enter your ECAS username and your ECAS password

Add drive

6.If you want to integrate ECAS permanently and automatically, open the OS X System Preferences and select User Groups.

Add drive

7. In the User window, select Login Items and add another item in Login Items using +.

Add drive

8. In the opening Finder window, select your ECAS drive from the left column and click Add.

Add new drive

ECAS is now automatically included every time OS X starts up.

As an example of the integration of WebDAV under Linux, a configuration of the Nautilus file manager under Ubuntu is shown here.

1.The first step is to open the file manager and then select Connect to Server in the menu on the left-hand side.

2. A dialog box opens in which the server address must be specified. It should be noted that the protocol is not specified https, but davs. After the protocol, enter the server name and then the complete path to the user directory. The server name and the path can be read in the WebUI of ECAS under My profile.

3. Once the server has been successfully contacted, a dialog will appear to enter the credentials. The user name must be the usual login name. After submitting the credentials, the contents of the WebDAV drive are displayed.

Under Windows, you need to do 2 steps to connect a WebDAV drive to your system.

Important: A valid SSL certificate signed by an official CA is required to allow a smooth WebDAV integration on Windows.

1. Service WebClient
The WebClient service provides a method for sending and receiving data via a URL. This Windows service must be started, please proceed as follows:

Click on the Windows key and enter services. 

WebClient aus der Windows Oberfläche

Click on Services, you will get into a pop-up window called Services.

Select the WebClient service and click Start. To keep this setting, you can also start the WebClient service automatically. To set this, right-click on WebClient and select Properties. It opens a pop-up window. Under Startup type select Autotematic and confirm this entry with OK.

WebClient aus der Windows Oberfläche

2. Include network drive
A network drive is treated almost like a normal hard drive, but this requires a permanent network / internet connection. Please follow the instructions below to include a network drive.

Please press the Windows key + E to start the Explorer. Please click on Computer or This PC. Under Network, please select Map network drive./p>

WebClient aus der Windows Oberfläche

It opens a pop-up window in which you can enter data. Please select a drive letter under which you would like to reach ECAS. Enter here the complete WevDAV path from your profile.

Important: Do not use IP, as Windows does not support it.

WebClient aus der Windows Oberfläche

Restore connection at login 

Activate the checkbox to automatically connect to ECAS each time you log in to your system. Click Finish to connect to your ECAS. After approx. 5 seconds, a pop-up window will open in which you can enter your login data for your ECAS.

Activate the checkbox to save the login data and an automatic connection is possible. After clicking OK your network drive is set up and you can use it like a normal drive.

Important: Please note that Windows does not interpret the memory display on WebDAV drives correctly.

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