Tips & Tricks for the web interface

To uncheck files / folders a simple click on the icons above your files is sufficient. With one click, all markers are removed. demarkieren

Under My Files - Shares, you can see your invitations and your shared files. By clicking on a share, you can see the details or deactivate the share. When deactivating shares, they will be deleted with a delay of about 1 hour. Thus, you still have enough time to reactivate the release.

To move / copy a file or a folder to another location, first mark the desired files and folders. Then click on the corresponding icon (More can be found here: "What are the meaning of the icons on the web interface?") In the menu and select the action you want to perform. After selecting the action, navigate to the target directory and execute the "Insert action" via the corresponding icon. copy move
For users using the Safari browser, the folder may appear blank even though there are files. The problem is due to a bug in Safari. Restarting the browser or deleting cookies can help. When using other browsers (Ex: Firefox, Chrome) this misconduct is not found.
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