Bugs / problems

To delete a shared folder, you must first deactivate the share under "My Files" -> "Shares" . This share is now available for one more hour to allow for any reactivation. At the end of the hour, the share will be removed, including folders under "My Files" .

No problem! You can always see the PIN for the appropriate share at "My Files" -> "Shares" . Just click on the share to see the PIN again. A subsequent change of the PIN is not possible.
The different memory limits come through different calculation modes to conditions. In this case the display in DOMOS is calculated with Mebibyte (MiB). The display in ECAS is calculated in megabytes (MB). The conversion of megabytes takes place with a value of 1000 bytes, whereby Mebibyte is calculated with 1024 bytes. This can cause small differences in the display.
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