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Qiata Version 4.14 & SDC 2.3 & Qiata for Outlook 1.2

New versions Qiata Version 4.14 & SDC 2.3 & Qiata for Outlook 1.2 available now

Discover our latest updates and take your digital work to the next level! We're excited to introduce you to the exciting enhancements in our latest releases: Qiata 4.14, SDC 2.3 and Qiata for Outlook 1.2!

Qiata Version 4.13 & DOMOS 6.1 & SDC 2.2 & Qiata for Outlook 1.1

New versions Qiata Version 4.13 & DOMOS 6.1 & SDC 2.2 & Qiata for Outlook 1.1 available now

The latest release of Qiata takes the Team Transfer module to a whole new level. Now you can use Team Transfer in all areas, including the fancy new WebUI, our Secure Desktop Client (SDC), and the brand new Qiata Outlook Add-In. In addition, many other packages have been updated and bugs have been fixed.

DOMOS 6 & Qiata Version 4.11

New versions DOMOS 6 & Qiata 4.11 available

We are pleased to present the latest versions DOMOS 6 and Qiata 4.11! We have turned the foundation upside down, but our strengths are still there. With DOMOS 6, Qiata gets the latest version of our in-house operating system.

Outlook Add-In Next Gen Release

New Qiata Outlook Add-In Next Gen available

Securely send sensitive information in seconds. Our Outlook Add-in Next Gen makes it effortless! Our new add-in is finally here and it rocks! It's now available as an Office application and can be used cross-platform (Windows, Mac, OWA).

Qiata Version 4.0.3 & SDC 2.1.3

New Qiata Version 4.0.3 & SDC version 2.1.3 is now available

The new versions are now available in our download area (or via the internal update process) and in our repository. The following changes / features were covered in the release:

1. Fixed an issue where the initialization of the login service did not work properly

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