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09.11.2011 scope7 Enterprise Firewall

IT-Systems are facing daily new challenges requiring security and high availability, easy to administrate and to comprehend. scope7 appliances fit this all.

scope7 offers a scalable appliance family whose hardware and software were especially designed for firewall and VPN throughput. To provide this, scope7 has been developed as a pure firewall solution. Full IPv6 support makes scope7 sustainable. Professional routing performances as well as excellent failover functions realize networkings with Multi-WAN and Multi-LAN connections. scope7 appliances are designed for high availability cluster. scope7 appliances are managed over a graphical  WEB user interface (GUI), even for overall locations.


This makes scope7 interesting for enterprises and organizations with multiple locations (branch offices). The scope7 appliances are equipped with SDR (Secure Disaster Recovery) technology, thus the scope7 appliances are ready-to-run again very fast and easy if a failure occurred. scope7 is not another Linux firewall with IP-tables. It is a transparent layer 2 firewall with Secure Packet Check (SPC) on layer 3 and protocol filter on layer 7. scope7 is not based on Linux, but on FreeBSD, which provides the better network-, routing- and security performance.


„We are convinced  that we have met the spirit of the time  in the security enterprise section with scope7.” Klaus Rehborn, CEO SECUDOS GmbH, said. For more information about the scope7 Enterprise Firewall Appliances visit  www.scope7.de (German only)




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