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25.11.2011 Qiata 1.20 release

SECUDOS has yet another innovation to offer. Recently after we have presented the new Firewall brand scope7, we published the Qiata version 1.20. “With this release, we are confident that we have taken over the technology leadership in the File Transfer section, worldwide.”   

Option Smart Delivery – File Transfer across sites

Smart delivery offers the possibility to transfer files from FTA to FTA, and is best suited for companies with multiple locations. The advantage hereby is that the sender and the recipient of a transfer both communicate locally and with the speed of the internal network with the local FTA. Of course it will also work with other organizations, if both parties use an FTA. Therefore e.g. overnight transfers are possible. If an error occurs during a transfer the communication will be recovered automatically. The communication between two FTAs is encrypted via AES-256 and with the usage of the UDP protocol with UDT Handling it is especially fast, even faster than a conventional VPN-connection. Smart delivery is therefore particulary suited to transfer big files. The limited bandwidth of the Internet connection can be used in full.    

Transfer via Outlook and other mail clients

Qiata now supports all common mail clients, or to be more precise, every multi-SMTP mail client. Every feature of the FTAs is included, even the qualified digital signature as an option. The File Transfer can now be started directly from the usual mail client. For MS Outlook 2007 and 2010 Qiata offers a plug-in. This plug-in has to be installed on every work pc, but offers more comfort via function buttons.




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