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SECUDOS is revolutionizing the hardware market - new freedoms for system houses and end customers

SECUDOS Independence Day 2017

Nowadys, intuitively operable security solutions for complex IT security problems are desired. Systems from different manufacturers are often used to solve the different tasks at the gateway. Especially when appliances are used the user binds himself permanently to a manufacturer in order not to endanger the high investment costs for the appliance, because usually the hardware of an appliance is not intended for changing the firewall software, but rather the software is precisely tied to the hardware of one vendor.

The Proxmox Appliances from SECUDOS provides the user the freedom to change, without increasing the complexity unnecessarily. In addition these new range of freedom guarantees a high degree of protection of investment. The user now is able to change the vendor of his firewall at any time, without endangering the companie‘s hardware investments. With one click, not only the new firewall is selected and installed, but at the same time the solution for the private cloud keeps on running on the same platform.

For customers who do not have their own cloud yet, new paths open up to easily add various applications such as a complete groupware solution or the private cloud ECAS storage. Everything runs on a platform, on one appliance with a long-time support from SECUDOS. A solution designed for the future, but already available today.

"SECUDOS GmbH celebrates Independence Day on July 25, 2017. Why Independence Day? For customers, Independence Day is a new era in terms of freedom for system vendors and end customers with the new scope7-4210 Proxmox. Users are no longer dependent on specific manufacturers, which opens up unexpected opportunities for expanding their business through flexibility, innovation and expertise."
Klaus Rehborn, Managing Director SECUDOS GmbH

SECUDOS Proxmox Appliances: The Advantages

Investment Protection

The SECUDOS Proxmox Appliances will not restrict you in any way. The own and flexible selection of software vendors not only gives you the opportunity to act freely, but also creates an investment protection for the future. Get rid of the often too expensive and rapidly outdated hardwaresystems of the software vendors, which are tied to only one purpose in many cases.

Multifunctional Solution

The SECUDOS Proxmox Appliances are a genuine multi-talent in every respect. Make yourself independent and open up unexpected opportunities to maximize your investments: Whether as firewall, groupware, file transfer unit or a combination of everything. The SECUDOS Proxmox Appliances can be used flexibly. The mapping of two firewalls in a row, for example, is possible without any problems.

Future-Proof Hardware

Unlike all-purpose servers, the SECUDOS Proxmox Appliances are specifically designed for their purpose. The internal bus systems are designed for high data throughput and VPN performance. Crypto accelerators at the CPU level or as independent hardware options increase the throughput considerably. LCD displays and / or LEDs provide the user with up-to-date system information. Through the direct connection within the Proxmox Appliances, all gateway solutions are designed in such a way they can communicate extremely fast with each other.

Simple and Intuitive Administration

The SECUDOS Proxmox Appliances are partially pre-configured and will be installed and shipped ready to run. While some users dare to have their own installations, many others already rely on the Proxmox Appliances. Compability issues take time and energy. Get rid of them. The Proxmox Appliances make you independent and free. The integrated Installer Gallery allows you to quickly and easily install your desired software.

The scope7-4210 - A strong number!

The SECUDOS Proxmox appliance has a lot to offer. The powerful device is equipped with an Intel® Xeon® E3v6, 32GB DDR4 RAM, an 800GB Intel® server-grade SSD and a 32GB mSATA SSD. In addition, an IPMI card is installed to allow remote access and monitoring of the Proxmox appliance.

The scope7-4210 is designed for applications at the gateway and offers a variety of real Ethernet ports. This makes the appliance an ideal platform for the simultaneous installation of one or more firewalls, private cloud applications or a file transfer solution.

Currently you can choose from 10 solutions from different software manufacturers: CentOS, ECAS, Qiata, IPFire, OpenSUSE Leap, OPNsense, pfSense, Tine2.0, Ubuntu and Untangle. Select your favorites and simply install them via the WebUI. Solutions from other software manufacturers can also be installed if the respective manufacturer has a version for virtual machines (KVM, VMware, HyperV etc.) in their portfolio. Ask your manufacturer about it.

For more information, please contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


SECUDOS enables the creation of secure and manageable IT infrastructures on the user's own responsibility - without insecure services from the cloud.

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SECUDOS enables the creation of secure and manageable IT infrastructures on the user's own responsibility - without insecure services from the cloud.

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