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Azeti 650m klein


Monitoring with SONARPLEX


The azeti premium appliances offer many advantages compared with pure software solutions. By combining tailor made appliance hardware and the SONARPLEX technology software a high degree of performance an maximum stability is ensured. In contrast to software monitoring solutions the azeti SONARPLEX appliance decouples the monitoring solution completely from the (server) hardware that is monitored. Because of this a system failure of the server does not have any impact on the SONARPLEX monitoring capabilities. To meet all customer demands the azeti SONARPLEX product range compriseentry-level appliances for SMBs as well as high-end solutions for the enterprise environment. The comprehensive monitoring of IT infrastructure components like networks, servers, switches and desktops as well as applications still is one of the core competences of any monitoring solution. This is where a solution can demonstrate its effectiveness, capacity and reliability. In this area the azeti SONARPLEX solution sets itself apart from the competition not only by its performance but also by its ease of operation and cost effectiveness.

azeti SONARPLEX offers a cost-efficient and secure solution for monitoring of decentralized IT-Systems. The azeti FieldBus Technology is able to pack also non IP-based technical systems. Thus the azeti SONARPLEX can be extended to a universal monitoring system.



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