On the safe side

Safety comes first at ECAS. For this
we completely waive unsafe cloud services.

Easy to use

Share files as easy and secure as never before.
ECAS impresses with its easy handling.

ECAS - The alternative

In security, privacy and confidentiality, ECAS sets
itself apart from all other cloud services.


ECAS is your secure and autarkic storage space, giving you access to your files anytime,
anywhere, and sharing them easily and securely with third parties.



Despite the high security standards that are adhered to, ECAS is easy to use. Files and folders in ECAS are synchronized with your devices. You can access them through any of your devices or through a browser.


All files in ECAS are stored in a Crypto Container. Each user’s storage space is private. Encrypts is at a depth of 256 bits, with a key length of 512 bits.


Files on your ECAS system are automatically synchronized onto all your devices. You can set up your devices to sync with ECAS easily on Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile OS like iOS and Android as ECAS works with WebDAV.


With ECAS privacy is paramount. Neither Provider nor SECUDOS, or other third parties have unauthorized access options through backdoors.


ECAS is the alternative to traditional cloud services
when it comes to security, privacy and confidentiality.

Easy to use

Despite the high security standards that are adhered to, ECAS is easy to use.

Made in Germany

Neither a provider, nor SECUDOS, nor other third parties have access to your data. ECAS is IT Security made in Germany.

ECAS is autarkic

Each organization gets its own operating system, its own subdomain with IP address and its own database.

Versatile usable

Available as Hardware Appliance, as Virtual Appliance or as Cloud Appliance hosted in Germany.


Use ECAS via the optimized web interface, integrated as a network drive in the familiar operating system or with one of the numerous WebDAV apps.

High safety standards

Each organization has its own crypto container, in which all data is stored.



Web interface

Use ECAS via the optimized web interface and upload and download files, create files or folders on your ECAS or delete them. Share files securely with third parties via password feature and optional PIN code.

Mapped drive

ECAS automatically makes files available synchronously on many devices. ECAS can be used flexibly and can already be integrated as a network drive in Windows, Mac and Linux systems.


Use hundreds of apps for smartphones and tablets. These apps offer a variety of features to securely access, edit or share your files with anyone else, because ECAS uses the open WebDAV standard.

Request your personal


3 Variants available:

There are 3 choices: Hardware option ECAS-Box, Virtual Appliance (VM) or the ECAS Cloud appliance, hosted in Germany. While the hardware appliance and the virtual appliance are hosted in the customer’s network, the cloud appliance is immediately ready-to-run without any change. The files of all ECAS variants remain always in your hand only.

Hardware Appliance

hardware appliance icon ecas

Hardware, Software and Operating System Operationally Ready to use Desktop Appliance for use on your own network.

Virtual Appliance
Cloud Appliance
Hardware ApplianceVirtual ApplianceCloud Appliance
Own operatin system (DOMOS)
Own database
Own Webui for operating system administration x

Crypto Container for self-administration (512 Bit Key)

Operation in your own network x
Integrated firewall basic protection
File browser (via WebUI)
TLS encrypted file transfer
SSL/TLS-Client certificates possible possible possible
Software Updates
Unlimited users
Own SSL/TLS certificate possible possible possible
Languages: German and English
Licensing storage storage storage

Where can ECAS be bought?

SECUDOS enables the creation of secure and manageable IT infrastructures on the user's own responsibility - without insecure services from the cloud.

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