An easy-to-use web console for managing endpoint, server and mobile security
Now available as an one-click-installer in MultiAppliance!

ESET Remote Administration
  • Uses a new web console interface with drill-down possibilities
  • Multi-tenant - serves multiple independent users with specific access and privileges
  • ESET Remote Administrator 6 now runs on Linux
  • Server/proxy architecture for network resilience
  • Group-centric approach
  • Available also as pre-configured VM in Microsoft Azure with no on-site installation needed
  • ESET Remote Administrator 6 now available on SECUDOS MultiAppliance

The problem using standard hardware

IT administrators and engineers prefer to purchase “solution-in-a-box” as they only need to work with a single vendor for any issue (both hardware and software) with the solution. This means, solutions which come in an appliance are always preferred.

In today’s complex IT security world, a company typically needs to purchase various different security solutions to complete their security/defense needs. This will mean having to manage and maintain a rack of appliances from different security vendors. As a consequence this is driving up costs for investment, management & maintenance.


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The SECUDOS MultiAppliance

For hyper converged infrastructures with focus on performance, flexibility, investment protection and cost reduction

Companies equipped with SECUDOS MultiAppliance are now able to reduce costs regarding their IT security investments. At the same time, the company enjoys a host of flexibility with allocation of resources and switching of vendors.

The SECUDOS MultiAppliance lets the IT administrator install, host and manage all the required IT security solutions as virtual servers (VPS) on one single appliance platform.

Should the company decide to change a firewall vendor or an anti-virus vendor, it can easily be done through firing up a new VPS for the new software and shutting down the old one. The only new investment here is the license fee for the new software, there is no need to allocate budget for any new hardware. The “hardware” resources used to run the old software is recycled and used in the new software.

In just one SECUDOS MultiAppliance platform a company can install and host all its applications with SECUDOS as its long term partner.

Investment Protection

By consolidating the applications from the traditional servers and server appliances into a SECUDOS MultiAppliance platform, you can rationalise your investment and achieve better utilisation rate. You have full flexibility to allocate and reassign your hardware resources (Storage, RAM, CPU) as and when required, unlike traditional server or appliance systems where the hardware resources are permanently tied to the specific software.

Multifunctional Solution
Future-Proof Hardware

Further advantages of the SECUDOS MultiAppliance

In addition to investment protection, multifunctional use and future-proof hardware, SECUDOS MultiAppliances offer many other advantages.
Simple and Intuitive Administration
The SECUDOS MultiAppliance comes pre-installed with Proxmox and the MultiAppliance-Center. This allows you to set up a VM to run your desired software with just a few clicks, making set up of your VM solutions quick and easy. If you were to build the Proxmox server from scratch, you will have to deal with hardware selection and matching. Handling compatibility issues and troubleshooting then will cost you a lot of time.
Can stand almost any price comparison
Energy Efficient

MultiAppliances offers youflexibility,scalability,usability,and thus revolutionizes the standard appliances.

Small, but oh! The SDR-Stick from SECUDOS

The SDR-Stick is the simple way to perform an complete appliance recovery. Easy installation of the application software and fast setup in case of errors are the main features. With the allways included SDR-Stick, you can get the system up and running again in minutes.

Fast recovery

In the case of a system failure, it must be possible to restore the IT infrastructure very fast. Just use the SDR-Stick and wait a few minutes. The new installation will be faster done than you expect.

Backup included

The SDR stick does not only include all the installation files which are needed to quickly reinstall the system, but also all the metadata and basic configuration. The system will be put into operation immediately when the SDR procedure is completed.

iphone white

Easy handling

The SDR sticks mostly can be handeld by technically unexperienced staff. Insert - Restart - Done.

Installation in a class of its own

The SDR stick is not only the best choice when a complete recovery is needed, it is also very helpful while the individual inital setup and rollout of a number of appliances in projects.

Find out more about the MultiAppliances in our product sheet.

The SECUDOS MultiAppliance family

The hardware family consists of 6 different systems. The entry version is intended for small businesses, the basic variant for medium-sized companies, the business variant for medium to large and the enterprise version for large organisations. The modular equipment options of the MultiAppliance family already enable 10Gb, 40Gb or even 100Gb connections in the mid-range segment - top performance at a fair price.



  • CPU: Desktop Unit, Intel Atom C3000
  • RAM: 8 GB RAM DDR4
  • PORT's: 4 x GbE RJ45, 2 x GbE SFP
  • STORAGE: 240GB Intel server-grade SSD
  • FORM: 275 mm x 44 mm x 310 mm


  • CPU: 1U, Intel i5, 4 x 3,2 GHz
  • PORT's: 6 x GbE RJ45
  • STORAGE: 480GB Intel server-grade SSD
  • FORM: 438 mm x 44 mm x 321 mm

MultiAppliance-Basic +

  • CPU: 1U, Intel Xeon E3, 4 x 3,8 GHz
  • PORT's: 6 x GbE RJ45, 2 x GbE SFP
  • STORAGE: 2 x 480GB Intel server-grade SSD
  • FORM: 438 mm x 44 mm x 321 mm


  • CPU: 1U, Intel Xeon E5, 10 x 2,4 GHz
  • RAM: 128 GB ECC RAM DDR4
  • PORT's: 8 x GbE RJ45, 4 x SFP+
  • STORAGE: 2 x 960GB Intel server-grade SSD
  • FORM: 438 mm x 44 mm x 580 mm

MultiAppliance-Business +

  • CPU: 1U, Intel Xeon E5, 18 x 2,1 GHz
  • RAM: 128 GB ECC RAM DDR4
  • PORT's: 8 x GbE RJ45, 4 x SFP+
  • STORAGE: 2 x 960GB Intel server-grade SSD
  • FORM: 438 mm x 44 mm x 580 mm


  • CPU: 2U, 2 x Intel Xeon Silver, 10 x 2,2 GHz (Turbo 3,0 GHz)
  • RAM: 256 GB ECC RAM DDR4
  • PORT's: 8 x GbE RJ45, 4 x SFP+
  • STORAGE: 4 x 4TB Intel NVMe SSD
  • FORM: 438 mm x 88 mm x 600 mm


  • CPU: 2U, 2 x Intel Xeon Gold, 16 x 2,1 GHz (Turbo 3,7 GHz)
  • RAM: 640 GB ECC RAM DDR4
  • PORT's: 8 x GbE RJ45, 4 x SFP+
  • STORAGE: 4 x 8TB Intel NVMe SSD
  • FORM: 438 mm x 88 mm x 600 mm

About ESET

ESET is a European company with its headquarters in Bratislava (Slovakia). Since 1987, ESET has been developing award-winning security software that already helps over 100 million users to enjoy secure technologies.



SECUDOS is an innovative and rapidly expanding appliance technology and services provider focused on IT security and compliance. As a specialist in appliance technologies, its roots date back to 1996. SECUDOS is one of the pioneers in the IT appliance environment. As a quality leader, SECUDOS combines solutions from selected software providers with the highest quality appliance hardware in their products.

SECUDOS enables the creation of secure and manageable IT infrastructures on the user's own responsibility - without insecure services from the cloud.

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