Qiata File Transfer Solution

Qiata File Transfer Appliances (FTAs) provide the ability to easily and securely exchange files with internal or external users. Qiata is a user-friendly solution in the form of a specialized web application that is optimized for the task of file transfer. Qiata is not some service on the internet. Qiata is an appliance solution that operates within the enterprise itself.

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Exchange files easily & securely?

Let us advise you on the possible applications of Qiata in your company.


Qiata is a server-based web solution that makes it possible to easily and securely send files of any size.


Simply send files from your usual e-mail program, via the web interface or directly from your Windows. Qiata can also be connected to your existing system (API interface)..


Complete traceability through logging in the extensive audit log ensures trust, efficiency and compliance compliance..


All files are send securely when using the Qiata FTAs (File Transfer Appliances) and thereby faster than an e-mail with attachment can be transported.

Why Qiata?

Qiata offers you many advantages in your daily work.
Let yourself be inspired by our secure file transfer solution!


With Qiata the file transfer is encrypted and faster than an email with attachment.

Simple license model

All costs and follow-up costs for Qiata are fairly calculated and transparent.

Many options

Qiata offers many additional options for many applications.


A complete logging of all transfer processes gives security and confidence.


Qiata adapts to your network. Whether in the rack, virtual or as a managed appliance.


Use Qiata in the browser, from your known mail client or directly from Windows.

Qiata Screenshots

  • Qiata Startseite
  • Erstellen eines neuen Dateitransfers
  • Im Ausgang finden Sie alle versandten Transfers
  • Komplette Protokollierung in den Aktivitäten
  • Für jeden Transfer kann der Empfängerstatus eingesehen werden
  • Team Arbeit im Online Datenraum (TeamTransfer)
  • Setzen von Berechtigungen und vieles mehr
  • Der Datei-Tab zeigt eine eindeutige Zuweisung zu den entsprechenden Transfers

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation entered into force on 25 May 2018. Qiata offers you a good basis to comply with the file transfer under the DSGVO legally compliant.

Use Qiata in a familiar environment



As a user you can send large files, exchange files and invite others to send you files via password-protected links. Qiata is a user-friendly solution that can be used by any web browser.


Qiata offers you a new Outlook plug-in, with which you can easily send encrypted files or even complete folder structures via your e-mail program. For Qiata customers, the plug-in is available for free download.

SECUDOS Desktop Client

The SECUDOS Desktop Client (SDC) offers all Qiata users the option of sending any files or even entire folder structures directly from the Windows interface. And all that MADE IN GERMANY.

Request your personal


Qiata options

Expand the Qiata Basic functions with one of the options. All Qiata options are bookable in addition to the basic software.
Thus they expand the existing spectrum by the respective features.

Work worldwide in a TEAM - TEAM Transfer

The TEAMTransfer option is ideal for organizations that are increasingly working in teams across the world. Each participant can upload their files to a secured "pool" on the FTA and make them available to others. Of course, everything is as safe and understandable as already know from Qiata. Invite members, read-only settings and comment functions perfectly rounds off the whole concept. Nevertheless, the TEAM transfer is as simple and intuitive as possible. Extensive training is not required.

Comprehensible newsletter transfer - Newsletter option

The Newsletter Option enables the possibility to transfer newsletters via FTA. For this purpose, address lists can be imported via CSV (eg from Excel). Various newsletter templates can be created. A "unsubscribe" feature for the receiver is integrated. For the sender the filter functions are interesting, because he knows which receiver has downloaded the newsletter and which not. The lists of recipients in turn can be exported filtered or unfiltered for further processing. The newsletter function is also suitable for internal circulars.

Current status of your Qiata - Report via E-Mail Option

With the option 'Report via E-Mail', you can send a report with a few clicks from your Qiata to your E-Mail address. You decide for yourself what information should be included in this report. You can create reports based on users or groups. Furthermore, you have the option to select the type. You want to know who started transfers, who has downloaded all files, or who has uploaded which file? No problem! The wide variety of adjustable parameters make it easy to create the report just as you need it. Moreover, you can configure a daily, weekly or monthly interval. The generated reports will be clearly displayed in a .csv file and send to your e-mail address. You can open the .csv file as usual in Excel. With this file you have a complete overview of the current status of your FTA (File Transfer Appliance)

Proteciont of your data against thefts - File Encryption Option

The Qiata Option 'File Encryption' provides additional protection by encrypting files on the hard disk. A 256-bit AES algorithm with encryption key comes into use, which encrypts the files you need to save to your hard disk so that the files are protected at all times from unauthorized access. In the case of support, such as a RMA case (Return Material Authorization) no one has access to your files.

Link to several (multiple) locations - SmartDelivery Option

Smart Delivery is ideal for organizations with distributed locations. The delivery of files ensued from a File Transfer Appliance to another. The advantage of this is that both sender and receiver communicate locally and with the speed of the internal network to the local FTA. Thus, for example, overnight transfers are possible. After a failure of the communication, the connection is automatically resumed. The communication between two FTAs is encrypted with AES-256 and very quickly by using the protocol UDP with UDT handling, even faster than some conventional VPN connection.

Success Stories

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