The Qiata variants

Qiata adapts to your network. Whether in a rack, virtual or as a cloud appliance - the Qiata File Transfer solution is available on three different platforms. It comes as a fully installed and preconfigured appliance of various sizes, as a virtual solution or as a cloud appliance, with the best features of cloud and appliance.

Hardware Appliance

Hardware Appliance

Hardware, software and operating system. Ready-to-use desktop device for use in your own network.
Virtual Appliance

Virtual Appliance

Easy-to-install solution including operating system for operation in your virtual environment (for example, VMware, KVM, Hyper-V).
Cloud Appliance

Cloud Appliance

Instant online solution with the best features of cloud and appliance. The provider only provides the infrastructure, but has no access.

Qiata Hardware Family

The Qiata FTA family consists of fully installed and preconfigured appliances of different sizes; Plug-and-play devices, ready to use. These include low-cost small business appliances as well as high-performance, enterprise-class appliances for complex organizations.

Secure solutions from SECUDOS

Unfortunately, industrial espionage is a daily danger right down. Even if it is
not talked about, the danger also comes from the own team.

Qiata Virtual Appliance

The virtual solution is scaled by usage. There are different order sizes for the virtual solution. Starting with the licenses with 5 concurrent sessions, the license
with 15- and 50 concurrent sessions, up to the unlimited version, where you have no limits.


The V-FTA-15 includes 15 concurrent sessions and is expandable to a maximum of 30 concurrent sessions.


The V-FTA-50 includes 50 concurrent sessions and is expandable to a maximum of 100 concurrent sessions.


The V-FTA-U does not limit the concurrent session. There are unlimited sessions available.

NO Limits

Other file transfer solutions usually work with a user limit. Accordingly, users are literally "locked out" in case of a license violation. Qiata, on the other hand, does not act so aggressively. At Qiata, there is no exclusion of users. Only the processing of the transfers are slowed down if more concurrent sessions are used than the license actually intended.

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Qiata Cloud Appliance

Cloud appliances combine the desire for constant availability with the necessary security. Privacy and confidentiality remain completely intact.
Secret services and industrial spies remain, according to the technical state, left out.

No adaptation of infrastructure necessary

The Qiata Cloud Appliances can be used immediately without having to rebuild their own network infrastructure. Cloud appliances are available in no time. The host provider only provides the infrastructure, but has no access to your files.

Easy scaling according to your company
No maintenance or care

SECUDOS enables the creation of secure and manageable IT infrastructures on the user's own responsibility - without insecure services from the cloud.

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