Get the files on the right track to the desired destination

The multifunctional edge application for secure file transfer. No matter if internal or external communication, Qiata protects your files anytime and anywhere.

Data in Motion - What does this actually mean?

Qiata and the handling "moving" data is a breeze.

What are DIMo's?

In every company there are DIMo's (Data in Motion).
DIMO stands for Data In Motion, i.e. data that is "in motion". In the enterprise these are e.g.: Contracts, calculations, CAD, presentations, sketches, delivery bills, travel expenses, licenses, orders, folder structures, pictures & Videos, personal data and many others.

Working with those is not a big deal as long as it happens inside the enterprise network, but what if the data needs to go “outside”?


In Germany, approximately 1 billion e-mails are sent. This makes it the most common means of communication in the company. Of course, it can also be used to send files.

The problem

  • Often lack of security during transmission
  • Sending and receiving larger files
  • Missing traceability over reception


FTP (File Transfer Protocol), which dates back to 1985, is still a popular tool today for exchanging larger files or folders.

The problem

  • Increased administrative overhead
  • Missing traceability of access
  • Missing ease of use
  • No automatic workflows


Cloud services are part of everyday life in the enterprise today. The services are available at any time and offer companies an easy way to exchange files.

The problem

  • Intransparent data protection (GDPR)
  • Missing compliance
  • Depending on the provider

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3 reasons that speak for Qiata

We accompany you on the way to your digital sovereignty.


Easy to use via various interfaces, such as web browser, Outlook AddIn or desktop client for Windows and MacOS. Fast, convenient, simple.


With end-to-end SSL encryption and automatic encryption of any files on the system, the security of your files is guaranteed.


Maximum traceability, minimum administrative effort. With Qiata, this is guaranteed thanks to constant documentation of all transfer activities (with the exception of PersonalSpace).

File exchange with Qiata

Share files easily, securely and traceably
Qiata offers the customer the necessary support to deal with DIMO's in a simple, secure and traceable way. In doing so, Qiata builds on the customer's existing infrastructure and enables him and the recipient to exchange files securely. No technical know-how or additional software is required. The Qiata scope of functions:
Functions for employees
  • Send any file type and folder structure securely via Outlook AddIn, DesktopClient or web interface
  • Use the invite function to receive files from external parties*
  • Using a personal storage space to store files and folders via DesktopClient, WebUI or network drive*
  • ...

*Functional right restrictable by administrator

Functions for administrators
  • Easy user and group management*
  • Creating policies*
  • Creating group administrators*
  • Creating approval processes and workflows*
  • Creating and configuring archives and backups*
  • ...
*depending on administrator role
Functions for managing directors
  • Creating Administrators
  • Creating group administrators
  • Creating policies
  • Creating auditors
  • Creating approval processes and workflows
  • Viewing activities of Qiata users
  • Authorization assignment of administrators
  • Creating roles / administration roles

PersonalSpace - Your personal storage space

Securely store files - without having to rely on non-corporate cloud services.
What is PersonalSpace?

PersonalSpace is a MultiSpace module of our multifunctional edge application Qiata. The idea behind PersonalSpace is to enable companies to provide their staff and partners with a separate, personal storage space. Thanks to the PersonalSpace function, all authorized users receive an individual space for data storage that cannot be viewed, used or changed by any other user.


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TEAMTransfer - Working in a TEAM worldwide

The secure data room for global teamwork.
Globalization is creating an increasingly networked world in almost all modern business sectors. This especially applies to the participants of a team. Even though this working method is advantageous, it can lead to certain problems. In particular, the secure, traceable and, above all, uncomplicated exchange of files presents many teams with major challenges. However, it should not be underestimated that complex problems can arise in the process.

Meet this challenge!

With the TEAMTransfer module of Qiata you take this hurdle quite easily. Each participant can upload their files to a secure "pool" on the Qiata and provide internal as well as external participants. Of course, everything is as secure and traceable as you already know it from Qiata. In addition, invitation functions, read-only settings and comment functions round off the circle of numerous features. Moreover, TEAMTransfer is kept simple and intuitive as possible. Extensive training is not required.

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Open ID Connect - Connect your ADFS or AzureAD

Easily connect users thanks to Open ID Connect (OIDC).
With the OIDC (Open ID Connect) module, you can easily and securely connect your ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) server or your AzureAD (Azure Active Directory) to Qiata. This allows all users to log in directly to Qiata using their known login credentials. Additional registration of individual user accounts is not necessary. Through the automatic assignment of a group, the respective users also receive only the desired permissions and accesses.

The Open ID Connect standard is based on the OAuth 2.0 protocol and inherently offers a high level of simplicity and security. For example, OIDC can also be used to create an end-to-end single sign-on experience for users by allowing them to log into Qiata once and then remain in their session. The length of this SSO session can be defined by the admin. This also applies to the Secure Desktop Client (SDC), for example.

Learn more about OIDC now

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5 ways to use Qiata

Whether web browser, mail client, Outlook plugin, Windows client or directly connected to their system.
You decide for yourself!


As a user you can send large files, share files and invite others to send you files via password protected links. Qiata is a user-friendly solution and can be used from any web browser.


If you use a multi-SMTP capable mail client (e.g. Thunderbird), you can configure Qiata as an outgoing mail server. This means that you can send a mail with a corresponding attachment automatically via Qiata if required. You will enjoy all the benefits that Qiata offers.

API interface

You have a system from which files / mails are sent automatically, such as CRM, ERP or a similar system? No problem! Qiata offers a versatile XML API, which makes it possible to connect Qiata with a variety of systems. For example, the automatic sending of invoices from an ERP is possible.

Outlook Plug-In

Qiata offers you an Outlook plug-in with which you can easily send any files or even complete folder structures encrypted via your e-mail program. Besides sending files, you can also send invitations with which your recipient can provide you with files. For this purpose, there are only 5 additional buttons on the Outlook interface.

SECURE Desktop Client (SDC)

The SECURE Desktop Client (short: SDC) offers all Qiata users the possibility to send any files or even whole folder structures directly from the Windows or macOS interface. And all this MADE IN GERMANY.

Request your



Securing Transfers & Accounts

With PIN, password and two-factor authentication, Qiata offers maximum security

Most users know that passwords are very important nowadays, but many still neglect to take the necessary care. They store their passwords incorrectly and in many cases do not choose the necessary complexity. This makes it particularly easy for cyber criminals. To reduce the risk, there are several methods available today. One of them is two-factor authentication. Instead of a single password, users must enter another authentication feature to complete authentication. This second factor ensures that the login attempt is really made by the user. Such a second factor can be the mobile phone, for example. In case of doubt, physical access to the cell phone should only be possible for the specific user. Especially when transferring security-critical files, as it is the case with Qiata, appropriate security is important.

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We accompany you on the way to your digital sovereignty!

Qiata provides the customer with the necessary support to deal with files in an easy, secure and traceable way.

Global digitization is unstoppably on the rise. In order for a company to remain efficient and productive on a successful footing, it is essential to achieve and maintain digital sovereignty. Appropriate solutions must be able to demonstrate attributes such as simple handling, security, user-friendliness and flexibility in use. The three essential attributes of IT security - confidentiality, availability and integrity - are the basic building blocks. All this implemented reliably and professionally in a single solution? Qiata shows you how!

The multifunctional edge application Qiata encompasses all of the above features in an uncomplicated layout. Secure, simple and always traceable file transfer without the need for in-depth, technical know-how... for both sender and receiver.


Qiata in detail

The multifunctional Edge application not only when it comes to secure file exchange.
Customers from industries such as medicine, pharmaceuticals, construction, engineering and public administration have already been convinced by the efficiency, security, traceability and ease of use of Qiata. In-house departments also benefit from the simple, secure and fast functionality as well as problem-free integration into already existing network structures. Be it in accounting, sales, production or support. With Qiata, you can optimize all file transfers while complying with internal and external data security and data protection guidelines. Anytime, anywhere. This allows your staff to focus on core operational tasks without fear of compliance violations.
Easy to use
To make the handling of Qiata as easy as possible for the user, he can also use the Outlook plug-in or the desktop client in addition to the web interface. This allows the user to easily send files or folder structures securely. In addition, Qiata offers interfaces to enable a direct connection e.g. to the existing Exchange/Mail server or ERP/CRM system.

What happy customers say about Qiata

Worldwide recommended by leading companies.
As a modern company, Schwartauer Werke takes the issue of sustainability very seriously, and that doesn't just apply to our products. We already switched to paperless payroll accounting in 2017.
It was particularly important for us to find a platform on which the data is securely encrypted. In comparison with other appliances, Qiata convinced us the most.
Qiata's features convinced us from the start. Since the platform meets all our requirements, it was no longer necessary to research alternative providers.
SECUDOS protects your network with secure and powerful solutions. Reliable, flexible, innovative. We are your experienced partner for digital security, efficiency and compliance.

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