New versions DOMOS 6 & Qiata 4.11 available


New foundation, old strengths

our brand new versions are now available!

It has been 20 years since the release of DOMOS 1 in 2003. Back then, SECUDOS' own operating system was based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and offered customers, then as now, a customer-oriented and hardened operating system with its own WebUI. In the past years we have acquired a lot of knowledge and perfected our DOMOS more and more. TODAY we release DOMOS 6, the latest version with a proven look & feel, but a new "engine".

With DOMOS 6, Qiata gets the latest version of our in-house operating system. DOMOS 6, unlike its predecessors, is no longer based on CentOS, but on AlmaLinux. AlmaLinux is a binary compatible 1:1 clone of RHEL® and CentOS (pre-stream).

DOMOS 6 is an enterprise-class operating system and a stable Linux distribution that comes with a long support window. DOMOS is characterized by its focus on sustainable stability, providing a robust platform for all business areas. Our DOMOS 6 operating system stands for efficiency, independence and security. The self-sufficient OS is a deliberately hardened system that meets the high security demands of complex network structures.
Important information about DOMOS 6
Please note that a new installation is necessary for DOMOS 6. This update cannot be installed via the regular update channel. For the transition from DOMOS 5 to DOMOS 6, the backup/restore procedure is available. A corresponding migration guide is also available: DOMOS Migration Guide. Please contact your partner if you have any questions.


  • All packages have been updated to the latest version
  • The WebUI user "admin" now corresponds to the SSH user "admin" - there is no subdivision here anymore
  • The DOMOS user authentication can be set up via LDAP
  • The keyboard layout language is now German by default and can be configured in the DOMOS UI if needed
  • DOMOS email settings can now be switched to modern authentication (OAuth2 towards Outlook)
  • DOMOS includes new SSH algorithms that provide higher security. If required, own algorithms can be configured
  • The firewall settings have been adjusted so that ports are only opened when needed
  • The "old" Backup/Restore has been removed

Qiata 4.11

  • Qiata/DOMOS 6 provides the basis for our new Qiata Outlook Add-In
  • Automatic deactivation of users after a freely selectable inactivity time
  • The virus scanner ClamAV was updated to version 1.0.1
  • Fixed an issue where the "Save button" as administrator was not reactivated correctly
  • Fixed an issue where user sessions were not terminated properly
  • Fixed an issue where external users were incorrectly redirected after a password change
  • Fixed an issue where users were shown incorrect error messages on the "new" login screen
This update cannot be installed via the regular update channel. A new installation is necessary for DOMOS 6. Detailed documentation and corresponding migration instructions can be found in our documentation area at: docs.secudos.com. For more information, please contact our sales team (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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