New Qiata Outlook Add-In Next Gen available


Securely exchange sensitive information in seconds

Our Outlook Add-In Next Gen makes it effortless!
Our new Add-In is finally here and it rocks! It's now available as an Office application and can be used cross-platform (Windows, Mac, OWA). But that's not all! With our seamless Office SSO integration, you can now work without additional authentication and focus on what's really important - your work!

In addition, we have implemented DLP procedures for transfer sizes and/or buzzwords, so your data is always safe. But we are not only secure, we are also super convenient! Our add-in automatically syncs across all devices, and you can drag and drop files and even entire folders. That's awesome, right?
And the best part? You can use the Add-In in all areas - yes, we're talking about Quick Response and the like. In addition, you can choose from a variety of transfer and invitation templates during creation, and advanced user settings are available. Isn't that awesome!

And that's not all - we've expanded the language selection so that everyone can work in their preferred language. We now speak English, French, German, Chinese and Turkish. And for those who like it extra dark, we've added a dark mode.

So what are you waiting for? Try our new Add-In and make your work easier, faster and more secure with the new Outlook add-in for Qiata!
Important Note
The new Outlook Add-In is no longer available as an installer file. It is directly integrated into Qiata and can be installed via the known update process (in DOMOS). The new add-in is only available for DOMOS 6.
After installation, the add-in can be integrated into Outlook via the manifest. A manual installation on the PC is no longer necessary. The new installation process is described in our documentation.

A selection of the news:

  • The new Add-In is available as an Office application, so it can be imported or distributed as a manifest
  • The Add-In can be used cross-platform (Windows, Mac, OWA)
  • Seamless Office SSO integration (no additional authentication required)
  • DLP procedures for transfer sizes and/or keywords
  • Add-In is automatically synchronized to mailboxes (across all devices)
  • Sending of files and entire folder structures (also via drag & drop)
  • Availability of the Add-In in all areas (e.g. also Quick Response)
  • Selection of transfer/invite templates during creation
  • Improved enforcement of mandatory settings
  • Improved user settings
  • Improved display of breaks
  • Improved language selection: English, French, German, Chinese & Turkish
  • Dark mode
The new versions are available as usual via the update process or as download. For more information, please contact our sales team (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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