Qiata Release Build 2.0 - Major Release

New Qiata Version 2.0 now available - from the proprietary file transfer solution to the multifunctional edge application

With Release 2.0, Qiata now offers the first entry into "MultiSpace". So far, there are basically two usable areas (so-called "spaces") available to the user, namely the transfer area for the exchange of files or directories with third parties, and the team transfer area for the regulated collaboration of internal and external members of a team. Now, with the new Personal Space, the first MultiSpace variant is released and opens up completely new possibilities.

While all file transfers and team transfers at Qiata are permanently and comprehensibly recorded in an audit log, the new personal space function is different. Personal Space is the first of many other MultiSpace modules currently being implemented. An area reserved for personal use is now available for all authorized users.

From the user's perspective, personal space can be used in different ways. Since Personal Space also uses basic functions of the so-called WebDAV protocol, the user can integrate it directly into his operating system as a (virtual) drive. The files are actually on a drive of the Qiata, even if the user sees his files directly as a drive in his operating system.

New app for Windows

With the new version of the SDC (SECUDOS Desktop Client App for Windows) and a web browser, the user can share files or even entire folder structures with third parties or send them to third parties within and outside of their own organization (file transfer) without these files ever actually being on the client. These “file browser” functions are important when a mobile user wants to send large amounts of files in a matter of seconds despite a narrow internet connection (airport situation).

If he wants to use his Outlook plug-in, which is also available, for file transfer, the data is sent directly from the client's local operating system, so the files must actually be available on the client (i.e. workstation or notebook). Files from the Personal Space can also be used to create a TEAM transfer. Of course, this only works if the user has the necessary authorizations and the workflow that may have been introduced also permits dispatch. And of course, every transfer is recorded in a comprehensible manner in the Qiata audit log.

Backup Next Generation

The in-house operating system DOMOS also receives some significant changes. In addition to a completely revolutionized backup / restore concept, which, for example, enables script-controlled restoration of the system, the idea of the multifunctional solution also carries on. In the future, a variety of different destinations will be available here, including external cloud services.

Apps for smartphones and tablets

Last but not least, the open WebDAV standard opens up the use of hundreds of different apps for smartphones and tablets. These apps offer a wide range of functions to securely access MultiSpace files from anywhere. Likewise, files from mobile devices can be loaded into Personal Space and processed or shared from there. The possible applications, especially for employees in the field, are almost unlimited. Completely new workflows and forms of collaboration are possible.


Another feature of the new Qiata Version 2.0 is the possibility of integrating it into a single sign-on environment. Single-Sign-On (SSO) means that after a single authentication at his workstation, a user can access all services for which he is authorized locally, without having to log on to the individual services each time. If the user changes workplaces, authentication and local authorization become obsolete.

The new SSO interface enables Qiata to use the Kerberos protocol, which is a standardized authentication mechanism for logging on to a system quickly and easily. The Kerberos protocol enables Qiata users to log on easily without having to enter their user data in WebUI and SDC (SECUDOS Desktop Client). Of course, a corresponding single sign-on environment is a prerequisite for using this interface.

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