New versions Qiata 4.0 & SDC 2.1.0 available


Qiata Version 4.0

Now with completely new user WebUI!

Welcome to a new world of Qiata!

With this release we are proud to present you a completely new user interface for Qiata. It not only looks modern, but is also based on current web technologies. This means that it is mobile friendly and therefore easy to use on any mobile device. What's more, the new user interface offers more options and more features than before. And the best part?

You can still choose between the old and the new user interface - so you decide when you want to switch to the new WebUI. You can update the new version as usual via our repository (in the DOMOS UI) or download it (as ISO) in the download area. In addition, the new SDC version 2.1 has been released. This can be installed as usual via the update process, or also downloaded from the download area.

Qiata Changes

  • Added complete new & improved user interface
  • Added new Dashboard with policies, settings and information box
  • Added new powerful and high performance search with advanced sorting capabilities
  • Added new branding option, WebUI can now be customized
  • Added new upload method for multiple files, folders & drag and drop
  • Added preview function for image and text based files
  • Added PDF viewer to open PDFs from files or in/outbox
  • Added display of errors, Send-As transfers and Invite based transfers
  • Added new view for transfers based on invitation (incl. direct link)
  • Added PIN generation function
  • Added function sending to a contact list
  • Added a new switch to change between new and old UI
  • Added forcing of login for webui
  • Added caching for static files to speed up performance
  • Fixed an issue where PersonalSpace flooded message log
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to send invites when PIN was forced

SDC Changes

  • Added preview function for image and text based files
  • Added PDF viewer to open PDFs from files or in/outbox
  • Improved recipient suggestion box
  • Improved file manager sizing based on UI size
  • Fixed an issue where function "Send with SDC" from explorer was not working
  • Fixed an issue where save button was not pristine after use
  • Removed support for 32-Bit systems
The new versions are available as usual via the update process or as download. For more information, please contact our sales team (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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