New versions SDC 2.0 & Qiata 3.12.0 & Outlook Plugin available


SDC Version 2.0 available

Now with even more functions!

With the new version we would actually have to say: "Holy Moly!", because the new major release version 2.0 of our desktop client has it all. A lot of new features, visual and functional improvements and lots of other optimizations are waiting for you, because: We know you're busy and we're committed to making your life easier. That's why we've been working hard to develop a new version of our Secure Desktop Client that's second to none - and now it's finally here!

The update is free and easily accessible via the built-in process. Alternatively, you can download the new version from our website with a registered user account.

SDC Changes

  • New, improved user interface
  • Dashboard with policies, settings, and information box
  • Flexible alias sending from new area
  • Template selection when creating new transfers
  • New focus on communication with a chat-like system
  • Company-wide CI branding
  • Powerful and high performance search with advanced sorting capabilities
  • New history for inbound and outbound transfers
  • Email signature feature added
  • New display of errors, Send-As transfers and Invite based transfers
  • New contacts area for maintaining lists and contacts
  • Send-As-New transfers from Inbox/Outbox
  • View transfers based on invitation (incl. direct link)
  • Multi-language support based on user
  • Extension of available languages by French and Chinese
  • Display of download count (who downloaded what and when)
  • PIN generation function
  • Sending to a contact list
  • New settings areas for better structure (user and client separated)
  • Selection of start page after login per user
  • Remember window settings (size and position)
  • Setting the one-time password connection
  • Enforcement of forced values of the administrator
  • Expiration date changeable for outgoing transfers
  • Recipient reminder for outgoing transfers
  • Maximum downloads/uploads configurable
  • Improved handling for functions (error prevention)
  • Improvement for collecting our tokens (Error 401)
  • Visualization of quota problems
  • Problem solved where transfers were always created with max. upload 10
  • Fixed issue where multiple SDC icons appeared in the taskbar
  • And finally, we have closed many CVEs with this update

Qiata Changes

  • Added new functions for XML API
    1. - Restrict login for users only
      - Password change for users
      - Policies for groups/users
      - Add/display comments
      - Contact lists
      - Custom templates for users
      - Import/export contacts
      - Change MultiSpace password
      - Change language for users
  • Added new UI theme for the SDC (Secure Desktop Client) branding
  • Fixed an issue where send confirmations did not contain the files
  • Fixed a problem where plain text in the template was not displayed correctly
  • Fixed a problem where the file name was empty when checking the comment in the event section
  • Fixed a problem where the OIDC configuration contained an incorrect parameter
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to send empty files through the API
  • The old API V1 login interface was removed

Outlook Plugin Changes

  • Changed values in content disposition to be in quotes
  • Improved version comparing
The new versions are available as usual via the update process or as download. For more information, please contact our sales team (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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