Qiata Version 4.0.2 & DOMOS 5.12

New Qiata Version 4.0.2 & DOMOS version 5.12 is now available

The new versions are now available in our download area (or via the internal update process) and in our repository. The following changes / features were covered in the release:

Qiata changes:

  • Fixed an issue where a user logout did not properly work

DOMOS changes:

  • update of kernel, openssl, ca-certificates, samba

Qiata Version 4.0 & SDC 2.1.0

New versions Qiata 4.0 & SDC 2.1.0 available

Welcome to a new world of Qiata! With this release we are proud to present you a completely new user interface for Qiata. It not only looks modern, but is also based on current web technologies. This means that it is mobile friendly and therefore easy to use on any mobile device. What's more, the new user interface offers more options and more features than before. And the best part? You can still choose between the old and the new user interface - so you determined yourself when you want to switch to the new WebUI.

ClamAV Release 0.104.3

New ClamAV Version 0.104.3 now available

The new ClamAV Version 0.104.3 is now available in our repository. The following changes / features were covered in the release:

1. Fixed CVEs: CVE-2022-20803, CVE-2022-20770, CVE-2022-20796, CVE-2022-20771, CVE-2022-20785, CVE-2022-20792

SDC 2.0 & Qiata Version 3.12.0 & Outlook Plugin

New versions SDC 2.0 & Qiata 3.12.0 & Outlook Plugin available

With the new version we would actually have to say: "Holy Moly!", because the new major release version 2.0 of our desktop client has it all. A multitude of new features, visual and functional improvements and lots of other optimizations are waiting for you.

Qiata Outlook Plugin V3.8.0.0

New Qiata Outlook Plug-In Version now available

The following changes / features were covered in the release:

  • Added new login based on OAuth2/Open ID Connect
  • Added support for OTP authentication
  • Added new single sign-on method (local session token based on MaxAge)

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