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I can not load anymore a Java-Applet after updating Google Chrome.

The npapi – interface is from version 36.0.1985.143 no longer supported from Google Chrome. Because of that there is no possibility to load the Java-Plugins. Official Link: https://developer.chrome.com/extensions/npapi .


What is an appliance?

An appliance is a hardware that is built for a specific function. Unlike a PC or Server, it doesn't require the administrator to manage the entire Operating System. The administrator only manages the function specific features. It is deployed without a monitor and is usually administered using a serial console or on the network using a browser. When the system fails or needs to be reset, there is no need to reload the entire Operating System and the application. The administrator just have to follow the reset sequence and the appliance will be restored to factory default state .


How do I configure or access the File Transfer Service?

The configuration and File Transfer service is done using a web browser on the client's PC. This can be done on the same premise or remotely as long as there is network access. There is no need to learn arcane Command Line language just to manage the system .


How secure is this service?

All transfers are done using HTTP over SSL or HTTPS. External users can only access the service using the unique link that are sent to them. They don't access the service directly. Internal users can be restricted to IP ranges, preventing user account access from the Internet. Files stored on the system have their file names hashed to prevent direct identification. Transfers can also be required to use unique passwords for each user access.


How many user accounts can I create on the File Transfer Appliance?

You can create as many users as you need. The amount of storage on the appliance will limit the amount of storage assigned to each user.

Which ports must be opened to use Qiata?

The following ports will be necessary for the basic functionality of the FTA.

  • Qiata FTA WebUI: Port 443 TCP external


For administrating the FTA:

  • DOMOS WebUI:Port 10000 TCP internal


Ports optional:

  • SSH: Port 22 TCP internal
  • Smart Delivery: 9000 UDP internal/external
  • MailClient Integration: 25 TCP internal

Which languages does Qiata WebUI support?

Qiata supports German, English and French language.

Where can I find the manual guide?

You can find it either on the USB-Stick delivered with your appliance or in the download area under www.secudos.de

Can I customize the interface to match my company’s appearance?

Yes, this is possible. Logged in as an administrator you can customize the interface with your own logo and many things more.

I cannot create “users” anymore. I thought Qiata is unlimited?

Please log-in as “ftadmin”. In the tab “Company” under section “Limits” please click “Maximum number of users”. The default value for this is set to 100. Just increase this value and you can create more users.

Where can I find my Qiata license serial numbers?

There are two basic types of license serial numbers.



Hardware serial number

The Hardware serial number is an own created number by default starting with LR. The serial number is placed on the bottom of the appliance. You will need the HW s/n in case of an RMA. When contacting The Secudos support be prepared to provide the HW serial number.


Software serial no (Q. license s/n)

You receive the software serial number with your Qiata license which is visible in your Qiata FTA-UI. To see your serial number please login as „ftadmin“ in the Qiata FTA-UI. In the tab “Company” please click “License”. In the following table you can find your software / license number under ID.

How can I assign more hard disk space to my V-FTA?

Shut down the VM , with the tool for your VM you can adjust the space of the hard disk as desired. Subsequently re-start the VM and login per SSH. Please use “su-” to register as root and execute the following command:


The system now will perform a reboot and will then use the extended hard disk space of the FTA.

I have to perform an SDR. Can I import my configuration?

Yes. You only have to copy the “configuration.dat” onto the SDR-key/SDR flash drive.

The minimum length of the password is not enforced although it is configured?

Please activate option „Enforce Strength“. Once activated, the settings are enforced. Read more under “Adding an LDAP server “ in the manual guide.

When I try to upload a 20 GB file I either get an error message or the progress bar is standing still.

Please adjust in the ftadmin area under “limits” the “size of uploads”. The error should disappear.

My FTA is showing possible updates. When I try to install these ones I receive an error in the log.

Please deactivate the VMware tools and perform “Activate Settings”. Afterwards you must activate the VMware tools and once more you must perform “Activate Settings”. Updates now should be performed without any problems.

When I try to send a transfer invitation to an internal user, I always get an error message.

It is not possible to send transfer vnvitations to internal users.



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