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SECUDOS offers a variety of SupportPackages for its products, e.g. a rapid and uncomplicated advance replacement or even a replacement unit on site are included. The SupportPackages also include E-Mail- and phone- support. A reaction time of 4 hours during normal office –hours (CET) is guaranteed.




The SECUDOS SupportPackage is valid for a period of at least 12 months. For a new purchased appliance periods of up to 36 months can be purchased. Where appropriate for a specific project even longer periods are possible on demand. The most important part of the SupportPackage (SP) is the Advanced Appliance Replacement. Should the SECUDOS Appliance fail one day, the reseller or its enduser can request an RMA. more...


SupportPackage Plus

For all users with high demand on availability of their systems, the SupportPackage Plus (SPP) is recommended. Included in the SupportPackage Plus is a preinstalled replacement unit, which will be delivered with the purchased unit. The SECUDOS SupportPackage Plus has a lifetime of 36 months. Longer lifetimes are possible on request. more...

SupportPackage Plus HA

If two active Appliances for a HA-Cluster are needed to provide the highest availability, the SupportPackage Plus HA is recommended. The decisive difference between the  SECUDOS SupportPackage Plus HA and the SupportPackage Plus is the quantity of units. The User receives 3 identical and preinstalled units. Two of them are intended to run actively and the third one serves  as a replacement unit. more...



Secudos GmbH | Scope7 | Qiata | Appliance | SupportPackage

Secudos GmbH | Scope7 | Qiata | Appliance | SupportPackage



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