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For all users with high demand on availability of their systems, the SupportPackage Plus (SPP) is recommended. Included in the SupportPackage Plus is a preinstalled replacement unit, which will be delivered with the purchased Unit. The SECUDOS SupportPackage Plus has a lifetime of 36 months. Longer lifetimes are possible on demand. The user now disposes of the advantage to have an identical Hardware directly on site. In case of failure only the cable connections have to be disconnected and plugged into the cold standby unit. With SDR, the software can always be upto date. After recovery of the productive operation the user can initiate an RMA case without any time pressure.


The combination of the SPP agreement and the SDR technology provide the user with the most simple and safe way to re-start its failed system within a very short time and is ready to run again. No waiting periods will be wasted for any replacement procedure. Also included in the SupportPackage Plus is a guaranteed reaction-time within 4 hours during usual office-hours (CET), unlimited phone- and E-Mail-support , as well as a guarantee for the complete hardware for the period of time of this SupportPackage. If for example a HDD is failing, the complete unit will be replaced and not only the faulty component. The shipping costs will be shared. The SupportPackage Plus allows even for smaller resellers and users to manage IT-Projects worldwide.

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