SDR Secure Disaster Recovery, the unique USB-Stick Recovery Technology from SECUDOS, reduces returns of appliances due to an apparently default by 50 %. It enables software up- and downgrades, generates a logfile with hardware test automatically, identifys SECUDOS hardware automatically.



SDR Remote, the remote USB-Stick. Enables not only the SDR process remotely but also remote access to the appliance. Disposes of an own operating system for a continuous working of the appliance even when the operating system of the appliance is down. The Web-GUI even works over iPhone. This is technology by SECUDOS, Made in Germany.



SATA 2 Hardware RAID controller.
The RAID controller organizes several physical harddiscs of a server to a logic drive, for a higher data disposal at failure of single hard discs and/or allows a bigger data performance than only one single physical drive.



Industrial C.F. Beside their temperature permanence these industry CF cards are specially impact- and vibration-resistant and are shielded against dust by the housing.



Protective housing, for assembly of appliances in public accessable areas.



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