SDR the unique Secure Disaster Recovery Technology from SECUDOS

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SECUDOS is one of the pioneers in recovery technology by USB-Stick. In the meantime many competitors tried to establish a similar technology in the market, but the Original SDR-Stick of SECUDOS remains unique until today.




An appliance should be easy to handle even for the non-technical user, even when something is wrong. SDR is so easy to use that also untrained users can handle it.

Within the IT-infrastructure of an enterprise an administrator should care for a most reduced time of failure. When the systems fail he must be able to recover the IT-infrastructure within the most possible short time. A replacement system will be ready to use again within a short time, thanks to SDR.


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In support cases every user is expecting a quick and straightforward help. The exactness for support help requires a detailed failure description. SDR automatically produces a logfile with analysis data about the hardware status. Thus the support team can provide the best service.


The SDR technology is a marker technology to satisfy all needs. Even project rollouts will be accelerated. Up- and downgrades can be executed at anytime. The SDR-Stick makes it possible. With this easy to use SDR-technology installing of images (SDR.AppliPCKs) is done within a few minutes. The configuration files can also be used for most of the partner solutions. By the way: SECUDOS itself uses SDR as quality control and tool for software installation before the appliances will be delivered.


SDR-Technology Features:

  • Easy appliance handling
  • Visual status information during recovery process (LCD resp. LEDs)
  • Fast and secure installation process
  • Tools to detect max. information of the appliance status in support cases
  • Multiple installation of different appliances with only one stick
  • Automatical hardware detection of SECUDOS Appliances
  • SDR-Remote as an option (remote-controlled SDR-Stick)
  • SDR-Chip in the Appliance



Most of the appliances include the so-called SDR-CHIP. With this Chip an interaction with the appliance during the start is enabled. The user now can start an automatic recovery. Alternatively, if required, all functions can be stored on the SDR-Stick. The SDR process then is independent from use of an SDR-Chip.

The SDR-Chip cannot be activated when the appliance is running and is so protected against damage and malicious attacks.




SDR-CHIP Performance:

  • Compact-Flash in industry quality
  • Protected against malicious attacks
  • SECUDOS own operating system SDR-OS
  • Status information during installation process via the appliance GUI (LCD, LEDs)



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